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معلومات التوصيل

معلومات التوصيل

Welcome to, below is a demonstration of the ways we can deliver coins to you!

We send you the login details for a pre made fifa account,  the account is pre loaded with the amount of coins you are buying, once you receive the account please create a new profile of gamertag to log into the account with, do not use your usual profile or gamertag. The coins on this account can be used to transfer to your main account or to open packs with. We do not recommend using this account as your main account.

We can offer to fill your account with your desired amount of coins for you, this saves time for you and means you get the coins you want with very little hassle. To complete this process we need access to you FUT account and will ask for your FUT credentials + Origin Backup Code (see video below). These details will be held securely and won't be visible or available to anyone else. To buy coins this way, please choose this method when withdrawing your pack credits or buying FUT coins. Please don't login to your account until we have confirmed that your coins have been delivered, you will receive an email when the delivery is shipped.

You list up multiple gold players, we suggest to you the start price and buy now price as well as the time limit to put on the auctions. Once you have listed the cards proceed to checkout. We will buy your cards giving you your coins to spend on players or packs.